T. Oliverio is an American musician, songwriter, and multi-medium producer based in Nashville, Tennessee. 
Most notably known for performing and recording with the Kentucky band Bawn in the Mash up and down the Tennessee, Ohio, and Mississippi Rivers- he has led a cast of characters with a variety of side projects since 2005, performing and recording as Tommy Ohs,  Buzz Goodchild, Boot Dagger (w/ Brey McCoy), Half Eagle Half Owl (w/ Chris Black and Joseph Kenneth), Whoever You Want it To Be (w/ Chris Henry), The Cumberland River Plowboys (Dan Wallace, Jon Farrell), The Faraway Frequency, Guth Room, and Tommy & The Ohs. 


Living in the Swamporiginally released in October 2013, was recorded inside historic RCA Studio A in Nashville, Tennessee, live onto a 2-inch tape machine previously owned by Norman Petty. The album was selected to be a part of the Nashville Public Library's Boombox archive.  

"As with the bobbing future-folk tune “Boom Town” — 
it’s a track that sounds like an Appalachian time capsule beamed across the furthest reaches of our galaxy."  
The Nashville Scene

"There is a lot to love about this Tommy Ohs track (Living in the Swamp). It features gorgeous Jim McGuire photography for the cover art, 
it was recorded direct to 2” tape at RCA Studio C and, best of all, the songs are damn good."

2009's My Old Kentucky Home Recordings is a low-fi gem combining sound collage, folk, drones, beats, and various experimental tones